1997 Toyota Tacoma

1997 Toyota Tacoma
1997 Toyota Tacoma

Model # of Vehicles: 1996 Toyota Tacoma

Origin/Manufacturer Identification: Toyota Tacoma

Transportation: On-board taxi to City of Seattle

Price: $35,000

The Tacoma is a fast and reliable driver’s vehicle equipped with a top speed of over 150 miles per hour and the option of up to 75 knots in the air. With four wheel drive, the Tacoma has been a popular choice for both regular and off-roading commuters. With a range to a maximum of 20 miles per hour, it’s the ideal choice for commuting to or off-highway destinations. With the limited size and weight of its vehicle and its impressive strength and durability, the Tacoma is rated for one.

Features and Benefits:

Interior design

Lightweight 3 3/4-inch front suspension

Covered metal roofing with adjustable sides and bottom

Breathable interior with adjustable interior

Top wind tunnel system https://cars45.com/listing/toyota/tacoma/1997
Full-wheel drive automatic

Two six-speed manual transmission

Voltage system

Front mounted GPS

Two front seats


Warranty: Limited Lifetime Service, $1,000

Sale Price: $2 million

Source: Toyota Tacoma

Photos and video by Ryan Marder – Used with permission.
1997 Toyota Tacoma Tacoma Tundra V8 Z2 3.0


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